All About KattheDoula

I am mum to two gorgeous girls aged 4 and 7 and live in Surrey. I love nothing more than going on adventures with my girls, cooking wholesome meals and snuggling in my pjs, watching a film under a blanket.

My journey began when I first fell pregnant. My pregnancy, birth and start to motherhood was not an easy one due to medical complications. But through help from friends, family and healthcare professionals I was able to raise my gorgeous daughter and grow my family to 4.

I know I was lucky to have had so much help and support and I knew I wished to pay this forward. My desire is to help, so others can receive the support and empathy they need whether pregnant, during labour or postnatally. I am passionate about parents becoming informed, enabling them to make decisions right for them and feel empowered by their experience, enabling parents to begin their new life in a positive way.

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